Sunday, November 24, 2019

Alienation and Reification of Hunter essays

Alienation and Reification of Hunter essays There are endless crossroads in the human life, and the ability to distinguish these crossroads relies on ones ability to relinquish any preconceptions of the meaning of life. These crossroads embody what sociological critics for centuries have referred to as alienation and reification. They deem the twin theories are the essence of our individual universes. They interpret the abyss humans deem from their legitimate sense of self. Every human at one divergence in their life has loss the path they were intended to take, thus becoming alienated. This is because society unduly influences humanity into assuming materialism, is the preeminent necessity to strive for, thus experiencing reification. Sociological critics find alienation and reification as important concepts in understanding literature and films. An excellent way to illustrate how important these theories are is to apply them to the story of one man who faced and overcame them. The man I refer to is Hunter Adams, and the movi e based on his life is Patch Adam. In the beginning of the film, Hunter interprets his feelings of alienation when he states, the storm was in my mind, or as the poet Dante put it, in the middle of the journey of my life I found myself in the dark woods for I had lost the right path. Eventually, I would find the right path, but in the most unlikely place (Patch). Hunter committed himself to a mental institution for suicidal tendencies. Ashley Montagu would say, Patch was attempting to understand how in evading the demands of evolution, he had gone astray, then he would give up his present course and join the general mass of humanity (80). During his institutionalization, Hunter found himself coming out of solitude do to the peculiar characters that encircled him. Arthur Mendleson, a fellow patient enlightened Hunter that; if you focus on the problem you cant see the solution. You hav...

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